I was very pleased to appear as a guest on Jared Correia ‘s new podcast the Non-eventcast, sponsored by Above the Law. Jared and I talk about marketing and how to make sure you are not overly relying on technology at the expense of real relationship building (i.e. to be successful in your marketing ).

Jared does a great job of keeping it light but informative. He has also hosted the Legal Toolkit on the Legal Talk Network for over a decade and he was one of my early inspirations to start my own podcast (I have also been a guest on the Legal Toolkit and he has been my guest as well on Counsel to Counsel).

Jared is very knowledgeable about legal tech and this new podcast is a way for him to showcase that expertise.

Find the Non-Eventcast wherever you get your podcasts or click here.

By |Published On: April 6, 2022|Categories: legal marketing|

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