This month’s Jenny Award for Creativity in Professional Services Marketing goes to none other than Jenny herself.  Jenny (my wife) has created a new tagline Because Everyone Needs a Theditor. “Theditor”, a contraction between the words therapist and editor, was born from numerous conversations I’ve had with Jenny prior to sending responses to inflammatory email messages.  According to Jenny, none of us are capable of exercising self-restraint when our emotions are triggered by hostile emails.

Jenny’s new tagline is fitting because of the excellence that Jenny displays in preventing family members (i.e. me), from destroying relationships with the click of a send button. I have personally benefited from her wisdom and from her “thediting” on numerous occasions, particularly when I receive communications from individuals who have found unique ways to get under my skin.  I am forever grateful for her “thediting” abilities. Congratulations Jenny.

To read more about the origins of The Jennys, click here.

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