We are please to announce the first winner of The Jennys!  Zohar Nevo, a talented corporate associate at the law firm Foley Hoag, has been selected for his continued ability to employ creativity in marketing his legal services.  Zohar, who is always thinking out of the box, was actually the inspiration for The Jennys.  While practicing at Yigal Arnon & Co.,  one of the leading law firms in Israel, Zohar created the Zohar Nevo Awards which he handed out liberally to colleagues he liked.

Zohar has a regular practice of sending whimsical postcards to colleagues, business contacts, and clients whenever he is traveling around the world.  But he will also send interesting postcards he finds close to home (he sent me one he found at Brookline Booksmith).

Earlier this winter, Zohar completed an A-1 round of venture financing for a client and he wanted to thank the client and send a gift that would be appreciated.  Despite the fact that he grew up in Israel and has a different frame of reference when it comes to all things culinary (although his mother did grow up in the United States), he sent the client a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce to memorialize the transaction.  When he was being photographed for the awards ceremony, Zohar did the natural thing.  He chose a mask that would truly differentiate him from any other self respecting corporate associate.

In making her selection, my wife, Jenny Gamson, for whom the awards are named, had this to say:  Zohar’s ability to leverage the element of surprise  is the key to his marketing success. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a grown man in a hello Kitty mask.

Congratulations Zohar and keep those great ideas coming!

In future months, we’ll be selecting additional winners.

The nominees must be individuals (i.e. these are not awards for firms).  The main criteria are:

  1. Creativity
  2. Memorability
  3. Tastefulness (there may be some flexibility on this one)
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