On this Valentines Day, I’m remembering my father Bernie Seckler.  Dad died at the start of pandemic and would have been 96 today.

In the Jewish tradition, keeping alive the memory of your loved ones is very much part of the mourning process.  So today, I’m remembering how important integrity was to my father.

Zealous advocacy is an important part of the practice of law.  Persistence is an important part of recruiting.  But integrity matters for both.

So what kind of lawyer do you want to be?  Someone who fights hard for their clients but does so in an honest way?  Or someone who lawyers and judges don’t trust because you are not true to your word.

Winning is important (and feels good).  But winning at all costs will hurt you in the end.  I know that I’ve lost placements because I’ve told candidates not to take a job that wasn’t right for them.  There are other’s in the search business who take a different view.

I like being able to look at myself in the morning and feel like I did what was best for both my clients and my candidates.  As a lawyer, you will have a happier career if you do the same.

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