On this day after Joe Biden was named President-Elect, I was thinking what I could post on LinkedIn. Facebook is where I go to voice strong political opinions. My comments on LinkedIn are more measured. So I looked back into the archives of my blog and found a post which feels more relevant than ever (Talking Politics and Religion at Your Job Interviews). I posted it while Barack Obama was still president (during the 2016 election). My big message was “be cautious when talking politics and religion with people you don’t know” however don’t be afraid to authentic in job interviews or in business networking settings if you see an opening. You’ll attract the people you want to work with or work for.

Common political and religious beliefs are the basis of very strong bonds (maybe the strongest). Of course be careful. You may lose some opportunities. But you’ll strengthen the relationships you want to strengthen and IMHO, you’ll end up ahead. Being authentic is probably the best message I’ve learned in the 1.5 years since I joined ProVisors, a great business networking group.  I’m sure there are members who will not agree with this post.  But this is who I am.  This is the authentic me.  I may lose some business.  But I’ll deepen my relationships with many people who share my world view.  To me, it is worth it.

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