After 23 years, I’ve finally decided to change my primary email address.  You can now reach me at

In 1997, when the web was really starting to take off, I acquired the domain Seckler.Com. Soon after, I set up the domain CounseltoCounsel.Com.  My email address became and despite the fact that I was using CounseltoCounsel.Com for my website (and eventually Counsel to Counsel became my blog and my podcast), I’ve never used the CounseltoCounsel domain for my email address.

In truth, I’ve never really liked  But it took a pandemic to overcome the inertia.

Making change in your business always involves an initial investment of time and energy.  While I’m pretty busy with work right now, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Most importantly, I really like the fact that my branding is now more consistent.

So if you are slow at work, maybe this is a good time to make some improvements to your business or brand.  Is there technology you have been meaning to implement?  Are there ways you can improve your marketing message or record keeping?  Is your website due for an update?  Are you thinking about starting a blog or podcast?  Now may be the time to implement these changes.  Let me know how I can be of help (particularly if you are thinking about launching a blog or podcast).

*note, still works!

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