Zoom works well when you are trying to connect with just a few contacts. We may be physically distant, but we don’t need to be socially distant. If you are going to use it for larger gatherings, make sure your meeting is structured and moderated.

I am using Zoom a lot to check in with clients and other people I know and see how they are doing. But I’m presenting a webinar to the New Associates Forum of the Boston Bar Association webinar in a couple of weeks on Building Business Relationships in a Time of Social Distancing. I’m hoping to do at least one “breakout session” so attendees can actually speak with each other.

I also used Zoom very successfully recently to organize a memorial. But all of the friends and family who spoke knew in advance when they would be speaking and there was a moderator.

It’s a great medium. Be careful how you use it and make sure to pay attention to the “optics” of your presence (see Forbes magazine for some tips ).  Carolyn Elefant shares some great advice in her blog myshingle.com.     lawfirmmarketing lawyers zoommeetings

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