Websites and Social Media Do Matter

Many lawyers feel more comfortable with marketing than with business development.  When you write articles, prepare a talk, place content on a blog, website or social media site, you control the message.  When you meet prospective clients and referral sources for lunch, the communication is two-way and much less predictable.

Generating work requires a good mix of marketing and business development.   Although marketing is unlikely to produce strong results on it’s own, the same is true for business development.  Simply put, you may be an effective shmoozer, but that doesn’t mean you can rely solely on your interpersonal skills to generate work.

If you doubt this, take a look at a recent study of the impact of websites on how GC’s decide which outside counsel to hire (courtesy of Larry Bodine).  Good website copy does matter and should reflect the niche you have developed and the experience you have had in getting results for clients.

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