Falling into the Same Technology Hole-and getting up

learn from your mistakesI’ve fallen into the same hole again (Chapter 3 of my autobiography).  The allure of finding a technology fix always seduces me.  “It’ll be easy”,  I tell myself.  “I’ll be up and running in no time with the upgrade.”

So I download the upgrade with relative ease.  I feel emboldened. And then it happens.  I run into a glitch.  I search for answers on the web.  I wait on hold for an hour and the tech does not have the solution.

Why was I doing this?  So I could work more efficiently?

Today’s glitch happened with Google Synch.  I decided that it is high time to use a practice management system that tracks matters, e-mail messages, appointments, etc. by client.  In order to use the new service, though, I first needed to figure out how I’d be able to synchronize my Google, Blackberry and Outlook calendars (I already synchronize the BB with Google).

After 90 frustrating minutes, I decided it was time to throw in the towel.  If the whole point of this exercise was to increase my efficiency, I was failing miserably.  While my contact manager, e-mail, calendar and billing system do not talk to each other, there is no real reason why I need to invest more time in trying out Credenza, an Outlook add-on that integrates all of your client info.

But suddenly, I looked down at my computer and noticed that the synch was actually working.  A final fix I tried had finally worked.

I’m emboldened.  I’m ready to move to the next step.  “Practice management” here I come (at least until I fall into the next hole and remind myself about my epiphany several paragraphs ago–i.e. that technology fixes are rarely smooth.)

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