Law and Reorder (the book)

Law and ReorderI just receive a notice about a new ABA publication on Work/Life Balance, Law and Reorder.   Ordinarily, I don’t promote books I haven’t read.  But in this case, I’m taking it on faith that it is a worthwhile read because the author is Deborah Epstein Henry.

Henry is a “nationally recognized expert on workplace restructuring, talent management, work/life balance, and the retention and promotion of lawyers, with a focus on women”.  She began her career as a litigation associate at a large law firm and during the 90’s she gained some visibility around work/life balance issues in the law by forming an organization called Flex-time Lawyers.

I look forward to reading the book (if only I could find the time!)  But I’m not going to let that stop me from letting my readers know about a new resource that is likely to be a great addition to what has already been written on this subject.