An Excellent Read for Anyone Trying to Make Personal or Organizational Change

How to Make ChangeI just finished reading the book Switch:  How to Change Things When Change Is Hard.  It’s a quick read and a great addition to the library of anyone who is trying to make personal or organizational change.   I have already been incorporating some of the key principles into my coaching practice.

The authors, Chip and Dan Heath, provide a great roadmap for initiating change whether it is personal (e.g. losing weight), professional (e.g. making the shift from associate who does the work to partner who generates the work) or organizational (e.g. getting attorneys at a law firm to increase their effectiveness at cross-selling).  They focus on addressing both the emotional and rational parts of our brains (described in the book as “the elephant” and “the rider”) and offer lots of practical examples of how to take the first steps to stay motivated.

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