Has E-mail Marketing Been Replaced by Social Media?

law firm email marketing reportNot yet!  At least that is the conclusion in a new report entitled The State of Law Firm E-Mail Marketing.  According to an e-mail I received from Josh Fruchter:

As you may be aware, law firms are heavy users of email marketing. But until now, legal marketers had no industry benchmarks to consult to measure how their email marketing campaigns were performing against their peers. Indeed, clients regularly ask us, “What’s a good open rate for a law firm email newsletter?” “A good clickthrough rate?” “A bad bounce rate?”

To address those kinds of questions, we’ve published “The State of Law Firm Email Marketing: Benchmarks, Trends, and Best Practices” – a free report that documents benchmarks for five key metrics (e.g., open rates, clickthrough rates) for law firm email marketing campaigns based on campaigns aggregating 6,896,610 emails distributed by our top 25 law firm clients during four consecutive 6-month periods running from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2010.

While some commentators have been predicting the death of e-mail with the rise of social media, e-newsletters still provide a good way for lawyers and law firms to distribute their content to existing and prospective clients. Obviously, it is more challenging to get the attention of busy professionals who have overloaded inboxes, but many law firms are still doing this with relative success. The report provides some good benchmarks to measure your own success. It is a useful and free resource for anyone who is tasked with circulating content to a law firm’s mailing list.

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