A Time to Be Reinscribed in the Book of Life (and maybe improve your marketing effectiveness?)

Making change in the New YearThe Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShana, starts this evening at sundown.  On this happy occasion, it is time for all of us to reflect upon the last 12 months and think about our accomplishments and our shortcomings.   Even if you are not Jewish, September is a good time to set some new goals.  People are back from summer vacation and schools are back in session.  It really is like a new year for everyone.

If things don’t work out, you’ll have the chance to do it all over in January when the regular New Year arrives.

But that’s the great thing about being Jewish.   You get two bites at the apple!  Two chances each year for redemption;  two chance to make a fresh start!   And if you also happen to be Chinese (liking Chinese food doesn’t count), you get a third chance at the Chinese New Year.

No matter when you celebrate the New Year, though, take advantage of this opportunity.  There is no day like today to begin to reinvent yourself.   All you have to do is change your mind set.  Think about what you want to do differently in your professional and personal life (ramp up your marketing program, explore new practice areas, work less, spend more time with your kids, volunteer more often, get more exercise)    Then get to it.   No matter how many times a year you celebrate the New Year or simply take the time to reflect, it’s never too soon to change course in your life.

Change, of course, isn’t always easy, especially for lawyers.  So let me also take this opportunity to put in a plug for hiring a coach to help you sort out your new goals and hold you accountable.

These are my thoughts on this eve of Rosh HaShana. And now, back to my list of ways I want to improve myself in the coming 12 months!

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