Should a Law Firm Maintain Multiple Websites?

That was the topic of discussion in the Legal Marketing Group on LinkedIn .  The general consensus is that having issue focused websites is probably a good thing because the audience who visits an issue specific site is more targeted (i.e. they are specifically interested in that particular subject matter).  As long as the substantive material on each website doesn’t repeat excessively from site to site (Google will punish that because it thinks someone is trying to game search engines), having multiple sites may help you better segment your target markets.  In short, it is probably a more effective method of law firm marketing.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense.  If someone is interested in finding a lawyer who has a lot of experience handling medical malpractice claims, won’t that individual pay a lot more attention if they go to a site that has articles only on medical malpractice?  Doesn’t the presence of information about real estate development, sexual harassment, tax issues that arise in venture capital filings, etc., only dilute the marketing message to that particular individual?

Of course, the desire to produce highly focused marketing pieces must be weighed against the expense of creating customized sites.  But it is definitely an area for law firms to explore.

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