JD Supra and LinkedIn: A Power Couple?

JD Supra logoI’ve been observing JD Supra from a distance for a while.  The general business proposition has always sounded attractive (JD Supra provides a way for lawyers who create content to get that content distributed far and wide).  On its face, that sounds like a no brainer for anyone who cares about law firm marketing.  Automating your distribution channels can only help, right?  If more people see that you have written an article on something having to do with your area of expertise, then your reputation grows.

But that is only true if the “right” people see what you have published.  And that is what has always given me pause about JD Supra–until now.  As of a week ago, JD Supra and LinkedIn have joined forces to create what say will be the “world’s largest legal content distribution network”.

With the marriage of JD Supra and 70 million members on LinkedIn, lawyers who upload content can be assured that their articles will be distributed to individuals by industry.  Individuals who want to keep up with legal trends in a particular industry (e.g. real estate, financial services, biotech), can elect to receive “Legal Updates” that pertain to their particular interests.

The mechanics of how this all works is far beyond the scope of this blog post.  And it is way too early to tell how this will work.  But after seeing a demonstration in a live webinar, I’m convinced that this “power couple” is going somewhere that neither have ever been.  For the first time, I see very compelling reasons for lawyers in private practice to be involved in both networks.  By actively publishing on JD Supra, lawyers can reach professionals who are not yet in their LinkedIn network but who have interest in their subject matter.

There is absolutely a learning curve in all of this so don’t expect to jump on and see immediate benefit (also, anything that helps to build your reputation generally takes time).  But it is an exciting development and not one to push aside for a rainy day.

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