While Waiting Out the Storm

If anyone in the Northeast has been feeling depressed about the economy lately, the weather for the past three days has not helped. I’m not sure of the exact number but since Friday, we’ve had over 6 inches of rain in the Boston area. Under these circumstances, I forgive anyone who hasn’t been feeling very motivated.

We all know that the economic storm will eventually pass (and the weather forecast is for 60 and sunny later this week). While I’m definitely hearing anecdotal evidence that law firms are getting busier, there are still many lawyers with time on their hands.

So what’s a “not so busy” lawyer to do? Why not brush up on some continuing education? And if you are feeling like it wouldn’t hurt to increase your understanding of basic business principals (and you have no intention of getting an MBA), how about a CLE series being presented by Advanced Legal Studies at Suffolk Law School? It sounds like a pretty good program and a former colleague of mine put it together. So make use of that down time. And maybe both storms will soon end.

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