The Sweet Smell of Success

Even in good times (and by most measures, these are not good times) it is difficult to execute a long term marketing strategy. We are not wired as humans for delayed gratification. We want what we want now; no one wants to voluntarily postpone rewards for months or years.

But success in marketing professional services can take a lot of time. And bad economic conditions can further delay our success (e.g. you may have great relationships with real estate developers who want to hire you, but if few projects are being financed or built, then you are not going to get work from these clients.)

Lately, I’ve run up a string of successes and I can say with certainty that being successful in the here and now can help to build future success. I am feeling more confident and less desperate when speaking with prospects. Every conversation I have now is an investment rather than an opportunity to sell.

This is not to say that you need to be successful in order to succeed. That would be a Catch-22. Instead, find smaller ways to succeed on your path to success (I’ve written about this many times including here.) If you can feel good about things you are doing outside of your professional life (e.g. from doing volunteer work, playing basketball to participating in your town’s chorus), your work will benefit.

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