Keep Up the Momentum During the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone and between now and the end of the year, hiring will slow down at most companies. If you are in the unenviable position of job hunting right now, or even if you are gainfully employed but trying to build your law practice, this can be a tough time of year. The reality is that little is likely to happen before we turn the last page on 2009.

The good news is that there is no shortage of ways to occupy yourself in productive activities during this season. There are plenty of holiday parties to go around and it is also a good time of year to check in on your network just to say hi.

It’s all too easy to succumb to negative thinking during these dead weeks. But resist the temptation. Use the time to set up informational interviews, even if the meetings aren’t going to happen before January. Queue up your appointments so you can hit the ground running when the holiday season comes to an end. You’ll have more momentum as the new year starts and you won’t feel like you wasted an entire month waiting for opportunity to reappear.

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