Finding the “Right” Motivation to Make Change

Knowing that you want to make a change in your life (professional or personal) is a good first step in making the change you want; but it is only a first step. Change requires us to get out of our comfort zone, build new habits and leave behind the old. Along the way, there is likely to be ambivalence.

As a first step in making change, assessment is generally the way to go. This can be a process of self-assessment (perhaps using a good reference book like What Can You Do With a Law Degree?) Some individuals decide to hire a coach in order to get support for making change.

Of course getting to the point where you even want to explore change can be difficult. So here is a tip from my own personal experience.

For two years, I’ve been wanting to lose some weight. I kept thinking about it and even took small steps to begin the painful process; but it wasn’t until I found the right motivation that weight began coming off.

For me, it was the realization that I was going to have to purchase a lot of new clothing that got me motivated. As I thought more about how much money I would have to spend to replace my suits, dress shirts, etc., I became very motivated to slim down the waste line. I hate shopping for clothing and I hate wasting money on replacing things I already own; as a result, cutting down on the calories has become a lot easier for me.

So find the motivation you need to make the professional or personal change you are considering. Once the motivation is there, the first step will be much easier. Perhaps it is the realization that while law does suit you, litigation does not; or perhaps wanting more status at your firm can be the catalyst to get going with a marketing program. The point is to be reflective and know what you want from your career and from your life. With goals in place, the execution becomes much easier.

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