Webinars as a Marketing Tool

While it may be a little premature to endorse GoToWebinar (my first webinar using GoToWebinar is still 2 weeks away–i.e. Strategies for Commercializing Patent Assets in a Down Economya free webinar I am organizing and facilitating for my client IPEngine), my preliminary assessment is that this is a great tool for legal marketing.

With very minimal time input and very minimal expense, you can set up a relatively automated publicity and registration system for a webinar. The service allows you to record the webinar and even has automated e-mails that can be sent out to registrants who are unable to attend. You can conduct live polls during a presentation and the logistics for both audio and video participation are automatically generated and e-mailed to registrants–along with as many reminders as you care to send out.

I have yet to actually take the controls and navigate through several speakers, audience questions, etc. But unless something goes terribly wrong, I can say with great conviction that this is an excellent way for lawyers to “touch” their clients, client prospects and referral sources more frequently.

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