Extreme Job Hunting Has Ancillary Benefits

Even in a good economy, if you stick with traditional job hunting techniques (responding to advertisements, contacting head hunters, sending out resumes cold), you are handicapping your job search. Many jobs are not advertised and most career experts will advise you that networking should be an important part of your process (for more on networking, see Tools for a Job Search on my website.)

But in a bad economy, networking is critical.

For lawyers who are conservative by nature (and who spend their days helping clients to avoid risk), doing anything out of the ordinary may seem ill advised.

Joann Lubin of the WSJ writes about some of the more extreme methods that other professionals have used to conduct a job search. While some of these techniques may in fact be inappropriate for lawyers, her article does demonstrate the value of thinking outside the box. None of the individuals cited in her piece found work through their unorthodox approaches; but each of them learned valuable lessons that were helpful to them in their search and in their career.

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