Hard Times Call for True Grit

There was an interesting article on success in the Boston Globe this past Sunday. The author discusses the role of grit in achievement (i.e. that grit is just as important as raw intelligence and innate ability.) In the article, he references Thomas Edison’s thoughts on grit and points out that grit is more than simply “hard work”.

Thomas Edison famously remarked – the researchers are quick to point out that grit isn’t simply about the willingness to work hard. Instead, it’s about setting a specific long-term goal and doing whatever it takes until the goal has been reached. It’s always much easier to give up, but people with grit can keep going.

Given the state of the economy, grit is a much needed skill for any lawyer trying to build a practice. In the best of times, business development takes time and faith (i.e. faith that your efforts will pay off over time even if you don’t see short term results).

In good times, we can see success around us (even if we have not achieved it yet ourselves). In our current economic climate, our faith is sorely challenged because it is hard to see anyone succeeding.

But make no mistake about it, the climate will shift and attorneys who continue to keep their visibility high will be well positioned for business development success as we exit the Great Recession.

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