A Plug…for Me

In general, I don’t think it is a good idea to use a blog to sell your services (at least not overtly). If you blog regularly and provide good content, readers will see that you are knowledgeable about your subject area and that you are ready, willing and able to share your wisdom. Self promotion on a blog will turn readers away.

On the other hand, an occasional plug is generally acceptable. After all, even if you are good at what you do, it doesn’t mean that the world even knows what you do.

So if you are interested in learning how to market your law practice more effectively and would like to find out how coaching can help, here is a description of how it works. I’ve worked with several coaches myself over the years and I believe that it is an invaluable service.

Sign up for three months of coaching by June 30th and I will throw in a free month. It’s a great time to position yourself for the turnaround. You probably have more time on your hands so you might as well use it productively. You can reach me by e-mail at legal@seckler.com if you have questions. Phone is fine as well (617-244-3234).

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