I am pleased to report that Counsel to Counsel has been selected again for the ABA’s Blawg 100 (the top 100 websites by lawyers, for lawyers as determined by the editors of the ABA Journal). If you would like to vote for Counsel to Counsel for best in the Careers category, please click here and scroll down.

Things have been pretty slow in the recruiting business these last few months. For me, blogging has been a way to feel successful at something that I enjoy. It was nice to be recognized by the ABA particularly at a time when my work has slowed considerably.

If your work has slowed down or if you are unfortunate enough to be in the job market already, it is easy to fall into a depressed stupor. But keeping a positive attitude is important as you look for work (or while you ride out a slow down in your department). One way to keep up your spirits is to make sure to carve out time to do something you enjoy.

There are many ways to do this. What is most important is that you find ways to reinforce your own self worth by doing something and being successful at it. For some, this might be doing volunteer work (helping the homeless, providing pro bono legal services to an arts organization). For others, it might be playing music with friends, writing poetry, visiting museums, reading spy novels, running or playing tennis.

For me, it is spending time with my children (I really enjoy cheering them on when they play sports or perform in a play or concert). And it is also writing this blog. So go do something that you enjoy and be successful at it. Your success may not necessarily put food on the table; but it will feed your ego and ensure that you keep a positive outlook when it is most important to project optimism.

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