Terror in Mumbai

It is ironic that that just as I was blogging about the coming wave of legal process outsourcing in India, Mumbai was hit with a horrible wave of terror. These attacks are a painful reminder that wherever opportunity exists, it is accompanied by risk.

Of course in business, we usually think about more mundane risks (will the marketplace buy my service, will I be able to finance my expansion, etc.) The threat of terrorism is not usually high on the list of things to factor in when considering doing business with India. Will that now change?

Undoubtedly, business in India has been disrupted by the events of last week. But I deliberately waited a few days before commenting on the attacks because I wanted to see how the ordeal would unfold. While I’m sure that all over India, there is a heightened sense of vulnerability that did not exist prior to November 26th, I’m confident that LPO will continue to grow and thrive. Maybe companies will be revisiting issues like data security and the physical security of employees; but November 26th does not fundamentally alter the strong economic forces that are fueling this trend.

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