Finding Opportunity in Times of Trouble

Lawyers have a tendency to see a glass that is half empty. It is a useful trait if you want to be a good manager of risk. But it can be crippling at a time when change is in the air. If you are finding yourself focusing too much on bad economic news and simply waiting for “the inevitable”, here are some suggestions from a sales trainer on how to get out of a mindset of negativity. While these suggestions are aimed at anyone who has to sell for a living, they have great relevance for lawyers.

My favorite suggestion is “2. Hang around with people who think differently”. If you find that everyone around you is passively waiting for more work to land on their desk (i.e. because the market for legal services “stinks” right now), then maybe it is time to hang out with other associates. Group negativity is contagious and if you are not careful, it is easy to join in the collective the collective chorus of whining.

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