Firms Offer Comfort to Associates

Will I have a job in six months? That is the question that many associates are asking themselves these days. Some large firms are trying to comfort the troops with “hang-in-there, your-jobs-are-safe-memos.”

While it is certainly a good HR practice to keep employees informed, particularly during a time of crisis, these memos should not be an excuse to stick your head in the sand. Take a look at your own plate of work. See what is happening in your department more generally. Try to find out if other departments in the firm are busy. Get educated about the clients that you serve and understand what is happening in their industries.

Ultimately, the reality on the ground will dictate firm policy. No firm can afford to keep idle associates on the payroll indefinitely. Don’t panic at the first sign of a slow down. But don’t ignore the warning signs if six months have passed and you have had no billable work.

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