Best Firms for Women–Round II

I noted a month ago that Working Women magazine has come out with it’s second annual list of best law firms for women. Yale has now come out with it’s own third annual list. For my Boston readers, WilmerHale and Mintz Levin have made the cut.

While I think these lists are instructive as to which large firms are most focused on creating better work/life programs (and implementing them as well), don’t miss the big picture. By design, large firms are most likely to service the largest clients. Large firms are most likely to have the highest billing rates. Large firms generally pay the highest salaries. Large firms are therefore most likely to have clients who are the most demanding or who have the greatest expectations when it comes to customer service.

So maybe the firms on these lists do try harder than other firms; but large firms are probably not the best place to find work/life balance.

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