Great Networking Opportunities This Fall

There are 60 days left in what promises to be a very exciting (and probably a very close) presidential race. Unless you live in a state where your candidate is expected to win by a landslide, the Democrats or Republicans need you more than ever.

Working on a political campaign can be a lot of fun; but it is also a good way to increase your network of contacts. And if you are a lawyer who is beginning to think about how you might generate your own clients in the future, this is a great time to jump into the fray.

Don’t worry about selling yourself as a lawyer. The point is to get out and meet other professionals, business owners and future leaders who may some day need legal services. Right now, you are simply volunteering your time and energy to do a range of administrative things that will help get out the vote for your candidate.

A political campaign is a very natural way to make strong connections with other individuals. Your starting point is that you are both passionate about the same thing (presumably your candidate–if you are not, then perhaps this is not the best way to spend your free time.) Both campaigns desperately need you to make phone calls, organize events and countless other activities. As a lawyer, you will be valued for your organizational skills. But the time is NOW. If you wait much longer, the game will be over and you will have missed out on one of the most interesting presidential races in your lifetime.

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