Should You Reapply to a Firm that Rejected You?

That’s the question answered in this week’s career column by a New York recruiter [free subscription required.] In a nutshell, the advice is: why not? But the advice is tempered with reality. If the firm rejected you initially because you lacked experience, then why not try again once you have the experience. But if they rejected you because they only hire candidates with top academics, then maybe reapplying is not a good use of your time (i.e. since you can’t change your academics.)

I always tell candidates that they have little to lose by reapplying. If anything, you are demonstrating that you are persistent and that you are truly interested. Here the dating analogy works. Everyone likes to be pursued (to a point…) And to continue the analogy, don’t allow fatal attraction to blind you to other career opportunities. It is rare that one and only one employer can satisfy all your career needs.

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