If You Feed Them, They Will Come

I was reminded yesterday that food is the universal marketing tool. If you want to gather a crowd, good food is the key. Are you thinking of planning an event for clients or prospective clients? Make sure the publicity clearly states that food and drinks will be served.

For the past two years, I have sublet space from a boutique law firm, Gesmer Updegrove. In a short time, I have come to appreciate that this firm really knows how to throw a good party. They also understand how to leverage a marketing event.

Take yesterday’s Open House. The firm sent out invitations that were followed up by several e-mail reminders. They created a web page and gave out door prizes every hour (i-pods in this case.) Every attorney at the firm was given a list of which clients were planning to attend. There were name tags, of course, a slide show displaying the logos of their clients (the firm represents a lot of technology companies) and most importantly, a crowded lobby and conference room (note to self–make sure to choose a room you can fill if you want good energy at an event.) It was a low keyed affair but it seemed like people were having a good time (and the hors doeuvres were yummy!) All in all, pretty good bang for the marketing buck!

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