Exceptional Client Service

I just had a really interesting experience I wanted to share with all you lawyers out there.

I was at a doctor appointment (first time meeting this doctor), and this is somebody about whom everybody raves. Always awarded “Top Doctor”, best bedside manner, etc. He has a ridiculously loyal and devoted following.

So I was interested in observing this person’s manner to see what the rave was about. At first, he seemed like any other doctor. However, towards the end of the exam, he did something that I picked up on which was quite profound. Most doctors ask, “Ok, do you have any questions?” This is a normal question, right? But this Dr. did something different – he said “So, what are your questions.” After I asked a question, he said, “What other questions do you have.” I asked another. He then said, “So what other questions do you have” until I ran out of questions.

At that point, the light bulb when on. Normally, when people ask, “Do you have any questions?” it seems they are half hoping that you say, “None” so that they can move on. I know I am guilty of that – I am getting ready to wrap up a meeting and I say, “Oh, do you have any questions?” Sort of like when you call customer support for phone or computer and after a tough 90 minute issue is solved and you’re both exhausted, they ask, “Is there anything else I can help you with today, Mr. Binstock?”

But this Dr.’s use of, “What questions do you have?” was so subtly but profoundly different. It sent the message that this person truly cared about my need to have my questions answered. It was as if my questions were a natural and expected part of the process in order for me to feel comfortable, not just an option that I could elect to take advantage of at the end of the meeting. Amazing how one simple word had such an impact.

Give it a try with your clients and see if you notice a difference.

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