What We Can All Learn From Mitt

It’s official. One of the leading “flip floppers” is out of the presidential race. For a while, it seemed like charisma would propel Mitt Romney towards the Republican nomination (along with a personal fortune that he was willing to spend.) But I’m happy to report that money alone still doesn’t buy you the presidency.

There are a variety of reasons why Super Tuesday was a super flop for the Romney campaign. But one thing seems clear: voters saw right through him. They knew he wasn’t genuine. The conservative positions he staked out were not part of a long standing commitment to conservative principals. Rather, they were a concerted effort to pander to the conservative electorate.

Ironically, if he had stuck with the positions he held while serving as Governor of Massachusetts, he might still be in the race. So the take home lesson is: be genuine.

For example, if you are trying to market yourself and your legal practice, don’t try to be anything that you are not. If you hate golf, wine tasting, large public charity functions or even sporting events, don’t spend time doing these things simply because they may generate business. You won’t enjoy yourself and people will see right through you.

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