More on Accomplishing Your Goals

David Maister has a new book out on the subject of strategy. His basic premise is that most of the money that companies spend on consultants is wasted. That’s because coming up with a strategy is not the problem for most companies. Sticking with the strategy is what really counts and it is where most companies fall down.

While I have not read the book, I have listened to David’s latest podcast discussing the book and I think it has a lot of relevance to the New Year (and sticking with our resolutions.) We need to find ways to stick with a strategy which will bear rewards in the future but may be “painful” now.

I see a lot of young associates looking for quick rewards in the here and now. But maybe the best path to career satisfaction is making sacrifices in the present in order to get to the future that we want.

So spending a few years at a large law firm may be painful. But paying down debt while working long hours will give you more freedom in the future. Getting exposed to a busy large firm practice will give you training that will help you enormously even if you opt out to the large firm lifestyle. So what sacrifices are you willing to make right now in order to get to your 2008 goals?

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