Taking the Silver (and Running With It)

Mitt Romney and I now have something in common. We both took the silver. But I have a hunch that I am a lot happier with my silver than he is with his. In total, 694 individuals voted CounseltoCounsel best in the Lawyer’s Toolkit category in the ABA Journal Blawg100 competition. If you were one of the voter’s, special thanks for your support. Overall, only 10 of the 100 blogs on the Blawg100 received more votes (and there were some heavy hitters on the list who reach far beyond your typical legal audience.)

What is so great about this accolade is that it was totally unexpected. I write this blog because it gives me a place to capture my reactions to things I hear and see in the legal profession. And it is one of the most enjoyable things I do. I was a little hesitant to ask people to vote for me and when I found out I came in second, I was a little wary of sending out another notice. But the strange thing is that a lot of people thanked me for sending them the good news.

So the moral of the story is: tell the world about your successes, even if you come in second place. People like hearing good news and the positive feedback you get helps you to savor the success a little longer.

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