One partner’s thoughts on balancing motherhood with law firm life

I first stumbled across Kathleen J. Wu’s article in the Texas Lawyer almost two months ago. In the article, Wu, a partner with large law firm Andrews & Kurth, was curious as to the effect that now larger law firm salaries would have on practicing attorney mothers in Texas. As she notes, female attorneys understand that there will be have to be some kind of sacrifice to earn their new higher salaries.

What was so striking to me was that Wu, herself a partner with many professional accolades to her name, had no easy answers for women “trying to have it all.” She acknowledges that she has no better answers for female attorneys striving to strike a professional balance with motherhood than she did twenty years ago.

But she is trying. And she wants to have answers.

She notes the increasing proliferation of women’s initiatives in law firms and speculates that the market will demand reconciliation between these two competing interests. Like Wu, I hear a lot of about women’s initiatives, but I have yet to hear much about its practical execution.

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