Make Sure to Read Past the Headlines

Thirty years ago, long before the internet had arrived, I remember seeing a tip sheet on how to read a newspaper if you are short on time. One of the tips was that you can learn a lot just by skimming the headlines. To this day, I rely on this technique to decide which articles I will actually read. In many ways, the emergence of electronic media and the number of publications I now have at my fingertips has made this essential.

But headlines can be very misleading and one of today’s headlines in Law.Com is a good case in point. If you are an observer of the legal marketplace like me, a headline like “Clifford Chance Lays Off Six Structured Finance Associates” is sure to get your attention. But don’t be fooled by the headline. The sky is not falling. Large law firms are still busy. Corporate laterals are still in demand. Want to find out more? Read the whole article!

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