Baseball as a Metaphor for Life

As my children have moved through grade school, I’ve rediscovered one of my own childhood interests, baseball. And being a resident of Massachusetts, it’s hard not to love the Boston Red Sox, especially today, as we celebrate our second World Series victory in four years. I’ve also come to appreciate how much we can all learn by following America’s pastime.

Baseball teaches us that losing is the norm. A batter who gets a hit one out of every three times he is up at the plate is considered a superstar. A team that wins ten games in a row is on fire. Winners are not individuals who “win” all the time. Winners are individuals who know how to get past failure.

The World Champion Boston Red Sox were down three games to one in the ALCS playoff and came back to win the next three games. The Colorado Rockies, who were declared “out of it” long before the end of the baseball season (so much so that Major League Baseball did not even let them sell post-season tickets in August), did the unthinkable and won 13 of their last 14 regular season games only to clinch a playoff spot in a special playoff.

What this teaches us is that even champion teams fail. Even the best athletes have bad days. No one is successful all the time. So what have you failed at lately? How have you made your comeback? How have you turned losing into winning? Go Sox!

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