Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

What if you could work with big firm lawyers, get good work and come home for dinner most nights? That seems to be what many young associates want today; but it is not really one of the options for most lawyers who work for large firms.

In Law.Com today, I read an article about Gen Y lawyers heading to boutique firms whose founders came from biglaw. These associates are billing 1600 hours on sophisticated matters and trading a chunk of salary in order to have time in their lives for other pursuits. Recruiters quoted in this article describe it as a new phenomenon.

Actually, I think the basic business model has been around for a while (i.e. leave a large firm with a few partners, cut your size and overhead, lower your rates somewhat and let associates work livable hours–oh and pay them less.) There are a lot of smart associates out there who would be happy to earn less and work less. I certainly meet a lot of them. Is the trend picking up?

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