Good Networking is Relational, Not Transactional

A lot has been written on the subject of networking. I’ve written a few articles myself (e.g. here, here , here and here.) But someone can always come up with a new angle and most of us can use the help. So here is another good piece on the subject. This author points out that many lawyers view networking as a transactional activity (i.e. you meet once and it is over and done with.) But effective networking is really the opposite. Good networking takes place over time and has no end point. There is no closing.

And while I am on the subject, I continue to get invitations to join people in their LinkedIn network. I must confess that I have yet to make use of my 24 LinkedIn contacts, though I keep accepting the invitations. But Linked In is a tool that can help us find introductions to potential clients and employers and it is on my “to do” list to spend more time on the site. I was prompted to think more critically about this by reading this article. It seems to contain some excellent recommendations about how to get the most from LinkedIn. And make sure you understand the etiquette of this medium!

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