Is There Life After Law?

Do you believe in an afterlife? Are you wondering if lawyers can do anything but practice law after spending 5 years as an associate? Well stop wondering. Evidence of a legal afterlife is all around you. Many law school faculty and administrators once practiced law. Many legal recruiters like myself were once practitioners (while I actually skipped that step, most of my BCG colleagues spent several years in practice.) There are lawyers who launch business ventures, become teachers, enter politics or run non-profit organizations (for example.)

Although I can’t prove to you conclusively that there is in fact an “afterlife” in store for you, I can recommend a good blog to look to for inspiration, JD Bliss Blog. I am actually a guest blogger for JD Bliss and I recently posted about a corporate lawyer who became a general counsel and now works on leadership development at his company. Going in-house can be a good stepping stone to leaving the practice of law. But don’t necessarily expect the change to happen quickly. Build your reputation first as being someone who knows how to get things done. If you do, your options will undoubtedly increase.

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