Should you send thank you notes after a law firm interview?

On average, roughly half of my candidates will ask me about the appropriateness and best method of sending thank you notes after finishing an interview. I was having the discussion so often that I decided it would be an excellent topic for an article, which is posted here.

I’m an adopted Southerner, and I feel pretty strongly that thank you notes are a professional courtesy that should always be extended. I believe thank you notes show respect for the individuals that spent their precious time to interview you. I also believe they are a nice opportunity for networking.

What is problematic, however, is the execution of the thank you note. Many attorneys make errors when drafting the note and a bad thank you note is worse than one that is never sent.

There is more detail in my article, but a few important points regarding thank you notes are:

1. E-mail is an acceptable method for a thank you note.

2. Even if you are handwriting your notes, type it up and run spell check/grammar check to make sure the note is error-free!

3. Do NOT send the same note to every person.

4. Even if you don’t have time to write to every person with whom you met, you should send a note to the hiring partner or the person who spent the most time with you.

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