Dig Deep to Reach High: How Getting a Better Philosophy Might Help Your Career

Lawyers more than anyone should be able to appreciate the intimate connection between ideas and performance. After all, our stock and trade is the manipulation of abstract ideas and their application to real-world problems. Said another way, how we think about the world, our work, ourselves and our clients can make a profound and often unseen impact on the caliber, insightfulness (forgive the neologism) and quality of our work.

I write about the insight and “ah-ha” moment to be gained by taking just a peak at Heidegger’s existentialist philosophy at the ad arguendo blog, a blog dedicated to law and its intersection with leadership. Anything that can get lawyers to break through that wall of “objectivity” that is so essential to their lawyering, but potentially harmful to their law practice, is worth considering. Click here to read more.

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