Working Mother Survey is Out

The first annual survey of the Best Law Firms for Working Mothers is now on the newsstands. This survey, which was a collaboration between Flex-Time Lawyers and Working Mother Magazine attempts to hold law firms accountable for their practices. As always, I think it is important to view these lists with a healthy dose of skepticism. Firms can very greatly by office and department. Also, your destiny rests a lot on who you report to (and how enthusiastic they are about the firm’s great work/life initiatives.)

In other words, don’t take a firm’s appearance on one of these lists as conclusive proof that you will be able to achieve the balance that you want.

By the same token, I do think it is great that the issue of work/life balance is getting such good publicity. Every bit of discourse helps and I’m happy to see the issue front and center in a respected publication. Presumably, this will be picked up by a lot of news outlets.

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