Harry Potter, Esq.

Don’t worry–I won’t reveal anything about “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” On the other hand, I couldn’t help but gush just a little about it. A truly amazing book. Reading Rowling is such a treat–it is such a rare pleasure to read a book by someone of her intelligence and attention to detail. The book definitely satisfies all longings for intricate detail and answers–many are given.

Like many, I sometimes wish I could be as brave, as loyal, and crazy and powerful as Harry–“the boy who lived”–but mostly I am just glad to be a normal, uninteresting Muggle. But there is something truly compelling about Harry Potter’s world–especially those on the side of good.

The major recurring and most potent themes in the book are the power of friends and the power of trust. To my mind, every one of the seven amazing volumes of Rowling’s imagination have trumpeted the power and necessity of trust and of valued friends to a wholesome, satisfying and enjoyable life.

I only wish I could put this into practice–and that I had put it into practice long ago. Nevertheless, just as Rowling hints on more than one occasion–it is never too late to start trusting, to start building bridges between people, to begin new habits.

Here’s to hoping your professional life can become exemplified by trust, by a strong group of treasured friends and advisers, and by an outlook of resolute dedication to excellent and fairness. Yeah. It’s OK to say stuff like that. Even if I am just a Muggle.

Pete Smith, Esq.
Managing Director
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