Guest Blogging is In

If you are thinking about blogging and want to try it out for a while (without the commitment), consider becoming a guest blogger on someone else’s blog. I invited several of my BCG colleagues to become guests and their posts have added a new dimension to this blog. For them, it is a chance to write about career issues while not having the same level of commitment that an active blog can require.

Guest blogging is also a way to get visibility for your own blog and today, I became a guest blogger on JDBliss Blog. I will be blogging there mainly on the subject of alternative legal careers, though my first post is about my career audit tool.

I have also posted on Penelope Trunk’s blog, The Brazen Careerist. A few days ago, she wrote a very nice post about me and I saw a nice increase in traffic on CounseltoCounsel.

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