Are You Living In The Moment?

Life at the Bar linked to this interesting post by Doug Constant. I am always intrigued when I receive reminders to live in the moment as I’m always two steps ahead. This is a real problem area for me. I am ALWAYS thinking of my “to do list” or the next entry on my personal goal worksheet (which resides only in my head, but is ever-present, nonetheless).

I think it’s an important lesson to slow down occasionally and just breathe. Doug says, “When you die, there will be two dates on your tombstone: the date of your birth and the date of your death. Those two dates will be separated by a DASH. It is this dash that represents your life. Are you truly Living Your DASH on purpose?”

Read on for Doug’s advice on Living your DASH:

Principle 1: You are either living YOUR life or someone else’s. Our society places beliefs on who we should become, how we should act, what we should buy and even how we should dress. Once we make up our mind that we are here to live our own life and not the life our parents, friends, teachers and acquaintances then we can live our own life based on the talents, gifts and passions we know to be.

Principle 2: The people that enter your life are the right people… the good and the bad. Those troublesome people are important reminders of wrong directions, ideas and philosophies. Those few exceptional people remind us they cared enough to be a part of our life. Either situation makes them precisely the right people.

Principle 3: Whatever happens…happens. Accepting this focuses attention and appreciation on the present moment, thereby excluding all of the might-have-beens, should-have-beens and what-ifs. “What is” is the only thing present at the moment. Appreciate that!

Principle 4: Whatever happens is the right time. This is an admonition to take things as they are and when they happen. This is living in the moment and a cardinal prerequisite of Living Your Dash.

Principle 5: When it’s over it’s over. This is basically the flip side of the preceding one. Everything has a beginning, middle and end. All three must be appreciated, most particularly the end when it comes.

The one law is a strange one. It is called The Law of Two Feet. Stated succinctly, if at anytime you find yourself in a situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet. Go somewhere else. Do something useful. Live Your Dash. Stay in the moment and don’t get stuck in the moment.

Living in the moment means leaving behind a life of societal status quo, which by definition is the accepted way of doing things. The path of least resistance can be attractive. But by living in the moment you do precisely what you have been gifted to do…take action and therefore Live Your Dash.

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