Pay Attention to Your Mental State

Career Journal provides some interviewing tips that are worth reviewing. These tips focus on the conventional wisdom about the importance of interview prep. But as I wrote about here, make sure to work on your state of mind before arriving at an interview.

Personally, I think that confidence is the most important thing you can demonstrate at an interview (along with a strong desire to get the job and an ability to be a good listener.) Developing confidence can come in any number of ways. One is to work out at the gym before an important interview. Another is to do some deep breathing to calm your nerves before you walk into the room. If you can find ways to shift to a more positive mindset before an interview, you will improve your performance.

While I am personally a big fan of exercise, you should follow your own interests. If watching reruns of the Sopranos is your therapy, then go to the video store and take out some DVD’s. If listening to or playing music is what you enjoy, then do that. The point is simply that mental state counts for a lot. So consider it part of your whole preparation process.

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