Declutter Your Career

WSJ’s Career Journal has an interesting article by Sarah E. Needleman on Decluttering Your Career this week. The article advocates the idea that by removing extraneous distractions that get in your way, you can free up time, gain energy and work smarter. The article has five suggestions:

1. Define your goals, including personal and career aspirations. Write down where you want to be in five years, then make clearly- defined annual objectives to help you reach your ultimate goal.

2. Don’t avoid difficult projects. Make your most difficult task your top priority then “chop it into smaller pieces.” It will seem much more manageable once you do this.

3. Don’t overload on e-mails. Cancel newsletters, listserves and other mailings that aren’t useful to you. Create folders that organize emails that aren’t acceptable for deletion.

4. Reduce the chit-chat. Excessive socializing is a drain. Make sure you set boundaries for yourself so you aren’t constantly interrupted.

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