Taking Charge of Your Emotional Self

David Maister has a great post on emotional self control. He argues:

“if your emotions let you down, your talent won’t save you.

There’s no point having superior skills if you procrastinate in putting them to use. There’s no point being smart if you give up at the first sign of failure.

Getting control of your emotions, and yourself, is essential to let your true ability shine through”

This is particularly true in the practice of law. If we let our emotions cloud our judgment, then we fail to provide our clients with the dispassionate advice that they need. Much of this comes down to how we handle rejection and defeat. No lawyer always wins and no lawyer wins on every point of disagreement. This is true in a litigation context and it is equally true in the course of negotiating a deal.

So what do you do to build up your emotional self? Personally, I find exercise to be a great (and essential) part of my week. I also try to take time to do something special with my children on a regular basis. Anyone have other thoughts?

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